Pottsville, Schuylkill County
There are two tales from this school.  One is that when each of the Kennedy's died, there was a vision of a woman with no eyes, crying blood in the first row of pews of the Chapel.  The other goes that during the 1970's, a visiting priest went up to the third-floor library.  After a fruitless search through the stcaks, he was assisted by a nun and found what he needed. When he came back down he remarked to the principal about the helpful nun in the library. The principal told the padre that they had no nun in the library.  In fact the librarian had died recently. When shown a picture in the yearbook, the visiting priest identified the dead nun as the one who helped him.  It's said that four different people vouched for the story.  Joseph - Yahoo Weird PA

Broad Mountain, Schuylkill County
In 1925, two hikers tramping up Broad Mountain made a gruesome discovery.  Under a circle of crows lay the partially burned body of a young woman.  Her skull was fractured and her body cut up.  Her identity was never found, nor was her killer ever brought to justice.  It's said that you can still see her ghost, shadowy and translucent, floating in circles between the towns of Gordon and Hecksherville searching for her murderer. It's also been reported that she's been spotted walking on the local lake.  This Schuylkill tale is part of Charles Adams III book Coal Country Ghost Legends and Lore

Pottsville, Schuylkill County
Built at the turn of the century, the Angel Rose has been a B&B since 2000.  It's gently haunted as houses go.  There's some electrical shenanigans, with devices turning own at their own whim.  Its spook is a female presence that announces itself by the strong odor of perfume.  The owners believe that it's the old owner watching over her old home.  This story is in Jeff Belanger's Encyclopedia of Haunted Places and Charles Adams III's Coal Country Ghosts, Legends and Lore
Pottsville, Schuylkill County
Built in 1913 on Mahantonga Street by Frank Yuengling, the house raised three generations of the Yuengling family.  Since 1978, it's been the home of the
Schuylkill County Council For the Arts Art and Ethnic Center.  It's said that the third floor, the former maids' quarters, hosts the spirits of one of the old Irish domestics and a playful child.  Since no deaths or traumatic events were known to have taken place there, it's believed that when the pair died, they returned to the place they considered home.  The main house also has stories of manifestations on its stairways.  The Carriage House has reports of a large brown orb in it and the immediate area.  The activity has been documented in Charles Adams III Coal Country GhostsOutta the Way

(Schuylkill County Ghost Hunters members were recently at the brewery and took pictures in the tunnel and captured some orbs)





Pottsville, Schuylkill County
Joseph, an old employee, passed on this tale of the haunted radio station: "
Some of the things people said they saw or experienced were bodies falling from the radio tower; the turntable in the old control room spinning by itself; shadowy shapes in the hall, sometimes chasing each other; children's ghost outside the newsroom window, always with their back to the staff; and animal spirits."  And you thought DJ's had an easy life!  The hill the station is built on was said to be home to KKK meetings and possibly lynchings, and one disk jockey committed suicide in the building, so there's all sorts of negative energy bottled up in the area.  Yahoo - Weird PA

WIGGANS PATCH MASSACRE (Boston Run, Schuylkill County) Early in the morning of December 10, 1875, a group of armed masked men burst into the home of the three Molly Maguires believed to be involved in the deaths of two mine foremen. The vigilantes killed suspected murderer Charles O’Donnell and also the pregnant and innocent Ellen McAllister, who was due the next day.   The true identity of the Wiggans Patch (as Boston Run was known then) attackers was never found, but rumors blamed the Coal & Iron Police or the Pinkertons.  Many believe Ellen's spirit haunts Wiggan's Patch.  Energized by her strong will to live and give birth, she's still there, roaming the old house in her nightclothes 126 years later. She's waiting in vain for the morning of December 11 and the birth of her child.  "The haunting can be felt at night. The pleas from the house are like a low moaning sensation as if she's saying 'help me, help my baby'," says Deborah Randall, a Washington, D.C., playwright who investigated the murders while doing research on the Mollies.  "For Ellen McAllister, the shock and horror of the siege has trapped her spirit in a surreal dimension. Time is standing still.  Each night she pleads for the bullets to stop. She wants peace."
TAMAQUA TRAIN DEPOT (Tamaqua, Schuylkill County) Built in 1873 to replace a burned out station, the depot served the Philadelphia & Reading Railroadstop up until 1961.  After sitting abandoned for two decades, preservationists have the building up and running.  The spooks enjoy their new company.   In 1878, the station was an overnight warehouse for the bodies of six hung Molly Maguires, including their leader, Black Jack Kehoe, before they were transported home for burial.  They were packed in ice and stored in the waiting room.  It's said they've never left.  There are all kind of poltergeist activities there.  Electrical devices malfunction.  Disembodied voices are heard.  There are cold spots, spectral lights, and photographs of orbs.   Psychics and ghost hunters have found spirit activity to be rampant, but haven't put a finger on just who the spirits belong to yet.  But they do have one bit of chilling evidence.  In response to a psychic's questioning, one spectral voice was caught on tape asking "Can you help me?"  That's a tough one to answer.
TAMAQUA ELKS (Tamaqua, Schuylkill County) The Tamaqua Elks Lodge 592 is housed in a converted apartment house.  It's said to be haunted by the spirits of two people that committed suicide in the building while it was apartments, along with voices and poltergeist activity.  The Pocono Paranormal team investigated, and got a voice that said "Love You" on tape, along with several orb pictures. The club is mentioned in Dan Asfar's Ghost Stories Of Pennsylvania book. Pocono Paranormal 

SOVEREIGN MAJESTIC THEATER (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) The theater opened in 1910 as a movie house.  It shut its' doors in 1930, only to find new life as a Farmer's Market in 1939.  It served that purpose until 1995.  After years of fundraising, it's now a performing arts venue for Schuylkill County culture lovers. That no doubt gladdens the heart of its' resident spook, an elderly lady that's been spotted roaming the balcony.  It's been a long time between buttered popcorns and showtimes for her lonely spirit. Main Line Paranormal 

JACOB SMITH'S GHOST (Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County) In the late 1800's, boat building was a major occupation along the Schuylkill Canal.  But minutes before a launch, a worker named Jacob Smith fell into the waters and never came up.  The launch continued on schedule, and the boat almost capsized.  Nothing more was made of the incident until 25 years later, when kids playing at Quarry Point spotted a spook.  Other folks took notice of the ghost, too, and even the ragamuffin youths stayed inside; they all knew it was Smith, and no one wanted to tangle with a distraught spirit.  We can't tell you if Smith is still around now or has gone to the light; the story was written up first in 1912 and passed on by the Coal Region History Chronicle.