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 (Pottsville, Schuylkill County) The legend says that a young woman was murdered on Peach Mountain. If you visit the spot of the crime at midnight and shut off your car, her ghost will appear
josh tassone
6/9/2012 08:58:15

so ive been all up and down that mountain at midnite,as curious as i am, is there any idea of what side of the mountain that the crime took place,id like to check it out and test out the activity there?email me with any news to my question,bc ur guess is as good as mine,this murder is news to my ears.

10/3/2015 14:32:18

The old cemetery is were the women appears. She is more active on a full moon. I have seen here there many times. All though there are more beings haunting that grave yard then just her. When I was part of a Underground Ghost Hunter Society in Schuylkill County back in 2001 that was one of our favorite spots to visit.

10/7/2013 19:10:18

I think you mean Gordon Mountain. In the new video game that just came out called Grand theft auto 5 there is a "Gordo Mountain" and there is actually a ghost you can see on that mountain in the game. Check it out on youtube. I could be wrong but there is a Gordon Mountain in PA


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