PENN STATE SCHUYLKILL - SchuylkillCountyGhostHunters
Schulykill Haven, Schuylkill County
Starting out in Pottsville in 1934, PSS moved to Schuylkill Haven in 1967, taking over a former county poor farm. Some of the indigent and insane remain (and we're not talkin' the guys at the Friday night kegger, either!):

  • Cilleti Library: This is the newest building, put up in 1994 after a $1M capital campaign.  But while the bricks may be fresh, the books are old.  Some of the tomes were once housed in the former morgue (the basement of the Classroom Building, which was a library before it became a computer center) and it seems as if a few of the ghosts in the morgue  moved with them. On the second floor of the library, in the far back on the right is a little study room. If you sit in the study room while its empty you can hear voices talking about the general state of the asylum. Ah, the good ol' days!
  • The Classroom Building: it was built in 1913 as a dorm for the mentally disturbed and debtors living at the old County farm.  The attic of the classroom building is the home of a ghost of a little girl. The asylum has no record of her, but many people who venture into the attic have reported seeing her apparition. The basement was once the morgue; now it's a computer lab (and it's hard to tell the difference!) Late at night, ghostly figures will walk through the room and spook anyone working late on a project.
  • Nittany II Apartments: Built in 1987, the rooms are still being cared for by a veteran presence.  A ghost identified as one of the original caretakers of the asylum walks around the dorms, keeping an eye on everything  and everyone.
  • Storage Barns: A couple of converted barns are used to store student beds and dorm stuff.  The areas are known for their "Ghost Lights" that float through the buildings at night - and the caretaker that haunts Nittany II has been spotted on the grounds, too.
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