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WIGGANS PATCH MASSACRE (Boston Run, Schuylkill County) Early in the morning of December 10, 1875, a group of armed masked men burst into the home of the three Molly Maguires believed to be involved in the deaths of two mine foremen. The vigilantes killed suspected murderer Charles O’Donnell and also the pregnant and innocent Ellen McAllister, who was due the next day.   The true identity of the Wiggans Patch (as Boston Run was known then) attackers was never found, but rumors blamed the Coal & Iron Police or the Pinkertons.  Many believe Ellen's spirit haunts Wiggan's Patch.  Energized by her strong will to live and give birth, she's still there, roaming the old house in her nightclothes 126 years later. She's waiting in vain for the morning of December 11 and the birth of her child.  "The haunting can be felt at night. The pleas from the house are like a low moaning sensation as if she's saying 'help me, help my baby'," says Deborah Randall, a Washington, D.C., playwright who investigated the murders while doing research on the Mollies.  "For Ellen McAllister, the shock and horror of the siege has trapped her spirit in a surreal dimension. Time is standing still.  Each night she pleads for the bullets to stop. She wants peace."
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the house was demolished and no longer stands.

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