WPAM - SchuylkillCountyGhostHunters
Pottsville, Schuylkill County
Joseph, an old employee, passed on this tale of the haunted radio station: "
Some of the things people said they saw or experienced were bodies falling from the radio tower; the turntable in the old control room spinning by itself; shadowy shapes in the hall, sometimes chasing each other; children's ghost outside the newsroom window, always with their back to the staff; and animal spirits."  And you thought DJ's had an easy life!  The hill the station is built on was said to be home to KKK meetings and possibly lynchings, and one disk jockey committed suicide in the building, so there's all sorts of negative energy bottled up in the area.  Yahoo - Weird PA

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nathan armstrong
7/4/2015 02:37:44

this is a bunch of crap. I ran wpam radio sttion from jan. 2011 thru 2014, i converted on room into a bedroom because i spent so much time over there. There animal noises was because of a hole near the roof of the building. What would happen was chipmunks would run up the tower across the wire and into the building. The place in not huanted at all.

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